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Order Form

 Order Form

Print this form and fill in your order (please print or type). Then, enclose a cashiers check or money order payable to S.Lee or Pam Donithan and mail it to:

 Personalized Gifts

 2306 Walton Ave.

 Bluefield,WV    24701

  Your first name gift will be shipped promptly to the address specified.

Single Name_____ Dual Name_____

Name(First Name Only):______________________Male or Female(Circle One)

Second Name(If Dual):_______________________Male or Female(Circle One)

  Background Name___________________(Click Here To See Backgrounds:)

                           Choose Poem or Verse__________________________


Choose  One:

_____8" x 10" Printout Only($5.00+$2.50 S&H=$7.50) - Single Name

_____8" x 10" Printout Only($7.00+$2.50 S&H=$9.50) - Dual Names

_____81/2" x 11"Printout Only($5.00+$2.50 S&H=$7.50 - Single Name

_____81/2" x 11"Printout Only($7.00+$2.50 S&H=$9.50 - Dual Names

_____Printout In 8"x10" Oak Frame($13.00+$4.95 S&H=$17.95 -Single or Dual Names

_____Printout In 81/2" x 11" Oak Frame($15.00+$4.95 S&H=$19.95 - Single or Dual Name

_____Printout With Mat In 11"x14" Oak Frame($20.00+$5.95 S&H=$25.95)-Single or Dual Names

      Please Specify Mat Color-11x14 Matted Frames Only:(Click Here To See Mat Frames:)

_____ Printout In 2" x 3"  Keychain($5.00+$1.95 S&H=$6.95

_____Printout In 10" x 3.5" Acrylic Panoramic Frame($7.99+$3.95 S&H=$11.94

_____Printout In Baby Cup($5.99+$3.95 S&H=$9.94

_____Printout In 11oz Mug($7.99+$3.95 S&H=$11.94

_____Printout In 16oz Stein($9.99+$3.95 S&H=$13.94

_____Printout In 5" x 7" Double Acrylic Frame($12.99+$3.95 S&H=$16.94


Quantity Description Unit Cost Total
    Sub Total: _____


Shipping: USA  

up to $50.00 add $1.50

over $50.00 add $3.00 




WV Residents Add 6%

Sales Tax: ______


Amount Due:  

     Ship to:

       Name: ______________________________  

   Address: _________________________________________

City, State, Zip:_____________________________________

     Thank you for your order.------------------------------------------ 

 All items shipped via US Postal Service . Damaged or lost items will be replaced if insured and notification received within 14 days of shipping  confirmation,otherwise, all sales are final.





Personalized Gifts


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